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All Photography by Wendy Vaughn is copyright by Giggles N Grins. Please do not use any of my photos without my permisson!

Please contact me at or call me at
817-401-3561 to set an appointment! My personal blog is

All sessions are $100.00. Except newborn sessions.
I plan to spend several hours with you and your baby which
changes my session fee to $150.00. You get the same CD benefits as other sessions.

All Sessions are in natural light. This means that
if mother nature isn't working with me we will
have to reschedule!

I am a natural light photographer. I do not use
a studio nor do I use box lights.

A session includes a hour long shoot (unless a newborn)
and a CD with 20-25 edited photos in high contrast
color, black and white and antique color. My turn
around time is 3 weeks. Please plan for this when
booking your sessions.

I also offer other goodies. I do Birthday Invations,
Birth Announcments, Holiday Cards, Story Boards, Personalization Photos and much more.
If you dont see it here and want it just ask.

I do offer professional printing.
All of my photos are printed on high quality paper
with a linen finish.
Anything 8x10 and larger is printed on a back board
to keep the photo from creasing.
Please email me for a list of my printing prices.

Photography is my passion, I love to see expressions of people through a lens.
It is priceless for me to see a parents face the first time they see their childrens pictures.
I feel very blessed to have the opportunity of
working with you and your family!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little about Me!!

A little bit about my self. I am a stay at home mother of two that has a love of taking pictures. I started out tinkering with it out of college and with kids it multiplied. I started taking holiday pictures for family and friends and from there it evolved. I edit all of my own photos with the turn around usually around two weeks. I started printing but still offer the package that includes the photo CD. However my printing you will find a great price for professional printing. All photos 8x10 and bigger are backed and all photos have a linen finish on them. I also offer Birth Announcements, Greeting Cards, Christmas Cards and Coffee Table Books!If there is something that you want and dont see it please let me know, I might have it. Keep checking back I will be adding some pictures of my latest sessions to the page!


Please Email me at
Or call at 817-401-3561

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Becky said...

Wendy! How are you? I love your photos. Now we have to talk Amy and Ben into having a couple of babies so you can take their photos. I want grandchildren!
Say hello to your family for me.

Giggles N Grins

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